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Prenuptial Agreements

A Prenuptial Agreement is a contract entered into by two people in contemplation of marriage. It addresses what will happen to any marital property that may be acquired by the couple in the event of death or divorce. A Prenuptial Agreement can save both spouses a great deal of time and money by resolving many of the issues that exist in resolving the economic issues of divorce ahead of time.

Many of our clients tell us they wish they had a pre-nuptial agreement in place.  Without a prenuptial agreement, the property and wealth you have worked your whole life for will be distributed by a complete stranger using laws developed by people who aren’t’ looking out for your best interest.

With over 30 years of experience in family law, the attorneys at Winter & Duffy Law can help you draft a prenuptial agreement that will protect what you have worked so hard for.

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We are here to help you. With decades of family law experience on your side, you can rest easier knowing that you have the support you need to protect what is most important to you.
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