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Getting a divorce after 21 years of marriage is obviously a difficult process. Attorney Michelle Winter and her staff, particularly Kelly Pilkington, were phenomenal. The team is responsive, professional, and provide a valuable service. I had lost a great deal of money and months of time to another attorney before retaining Michelle. Within minutes of phoning her office (which I simply found on-line), I was on the phone with Attorney Winter and felt immediate relief at her knowledge, ability to communicate, and clear professionalism. The team guided me through the process, answered all communication promptly, and I found their analysis to be very accurate. Perhaps most important: This firm has respect for my hard earned dollars. They do not nickel and dime, and I never felt that billable hours were their priority. I can attest, this was refreshing, and if there can be anything positive about a divorce experience, it's having this team represent me.
Wesley Simons
I have referred about 5 women so far to Michelle because she handled my divorce & subsequent questions after the fact so wonderfully. She knows her stuff, as does her staff, and along with being a sharp, knowledgeable attorney she handles the emotional stuff like a pro too !! I’d feel confident referring anyone to Michelle. And will be using her again for some stuff in the near future.
First off, I've NEVER given anyone a 5 star review...until now. Liam is honest, fair, professional and will not sugarcoat anything for you. While he was not our first family attorney, he will certainly be our last. He is always looking for a creative solution to get you to where you want to be, and his pricing is the most fair that we have come across...especially for the level of professionalism and expertise he brings to the table. If you are looking for a family attorney, look no further!
Edwin Lesher
Kirsten Miniscalco is always professional. She is quick minded, sharp and always on top of every detail. With prompt follow up responses to my phone calls and emails I always felt confident that Kirsten would take care of business. Every step of the way Kirsten always had my best interest in representing me in my divorce and negotiation of assets. Highly recommended simply because she gets results and the job done.
Aprile Hibbs
Liam Duffy and Kelly Pilkington are truly wonderful to work with. I chose this practice based on online reviews and couldn’t be more satisfied. I had a fairly easy request that I emailed about for general information, not fully expecting a reply, and was so pleased when Kelly was in touch with me early the next business day to set up a call with Liam for later in the week. She sent all needed information to me in the meantime and was available and helpful. Liam was exceptionally easy to talk to- he makes you feel like an old friend catching up- was honest about what to expect (Both good and bad), and available for follow up questions, not matter how small or absurd. He walked me through every step, as well as quickly drafted paperwork. Liam truly makes you feel like you’re his most important client on the phone and emails and helps to put things into perspective.
Would highly recommend this firm to anyone in need of legal representation . Besides simply being professional, the team was personable, patient, and empathetic during a very difficult time in my life. They also genuinely worked with me to keep costs under control. Thank you Attorney Michael Lessa and Paralegal Stephanie Kurtz.
Robert Neuman
After having had a terrible experience with a previous counsel, we were lucky enough to find our current attorney, Liam Duffy. Liam was able to turn our case around. He has been on top of everything we have needed since day one. He and his staff are extremely diligent in managing any issues or questions that arise. After years of trying to gain custody of my daughter (unsuccessful with previous attorney) Mr. Duffy correctly guided us through this very trying process, that ended in great success. We now have primary custody and couldn't be more thankful. We are thrilled with him as our attorney and will continue to use him for any of our needs. We highly recommend Liam Duffy and his staff!
Chris Reynolds
A huge thank you to Sophia Duffy and her Team for providing exceptional service for my Will preparation. Ms. Duffy is extremely professional, knowledgeable, gracious, and was always prompt in responding to my calls and emails. She addressed all my questions and concerns, explaining everything in detail, but in layman's terms when needed. I highly recommend her and the Practice.
Karen Olsen
Really appreciate the quality of service I received from Mike Lessa and his team. Allowed me to easily move on and transition to the next phase of my life without having to worry about the legal process. Also appreciated the efficiency in the use of my money to resolve this. Billing was fair and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of his services.
James Brunetto
Thank you Kirsten Miniscalco and Team for working with me -extremely professional Team. Kirsten is professional, respectful, knowledgeable and offered great guidance. My questions to Kirsten and Team were answered promptly and were clear and concise. I feel fortunate under these circumstances of divorce to be guided by such a professional and caring team throughout the process.
Annie Trapani Anthony
A special thank you to Kirsten and her team at Winter & Duffy for working with me through my divorce case. Having to deal with circumstances and dynamics unimaginable previously, I appreciated her level of integrity, guidance, and clarity throughout the entire process. 5-stars because life isn't easy, but it's made better when you have the right people supporting you along the way.
Denae Zvarick
I couldn’t be any happier with Winter & Duffy Law Firm. I live in MA and they are out of PA and they took me on as a client due to my ex relocating and taking are child with no agreement. Liam Duffy is the best. They kept in contact with me every step of the way and were there for me through the custody process. Super professional and one of the best. I highly recommended this law firm. They are definitely for their clients 100%.
Tom Serena
Wonderful! I was so nervous starting this whole divorce journey and very overwhelmed. As soon as I met with Michelle, I knew everything would be ok. The whole staff is fantastic, especially Kelly who was so patient with me when I would call or email with a bunch of questions or needed confusion cleared up. So happy this case is now closed, however I would highly recommend to anyone who needed a lawyer for their divorce
I hired Liam Duffy several years ago to represent me for both my custody case and divorce. As my divorce has been exceptionally nasty, he's been with me to custody hearings, support conferences, etc.. more than 30 times. Its been worth every penny. My kids are with me full time and I've got my life back. I've dealt with a number of other attorney's in the past on a variety of issues and been largely disappointed. Liam is a true professional. He gets back to me when I have questions, does what he says he's going to do, and he knows his stuff. I plan on having him handle my estate plan once my divorce is finalized. If you're looking for a great attorney then look no further. Hire Liam to be your guy.
Shawn McMahon
After 18 years of marriage, I had finally come to terms that we had hit a point of no return in our relationship and I was absolutely miserable, it was time to make changes and quickly. I knew I needed a great lawyer because my soon to be ex husband is a spiteful man plus I have 2 children, 2 dogs, and lots of questions and concerns so I reached out to google to start checking out my options. After a bunch of free uncomfortable consultation conversations with attorney’s and tons of emotions, I spoke to Liam Duffy. Our consultation was not rushed nor uncomfortable, he listened to me, answered my questions and advised me in how the process was about to unfold, maybe mother’s instinct but my gut told me that I could trust him and he had our best interest in mind. I am glad I listened to intuition because it was right ... every step in the process and/or crazy soon-to-be-ex-husband scenarios that needed immediate attention, Liam was just a call or email away and “had my back” I went to the firm’s office the other day to sign the final divorce papers, and FINALLY had the honor to meet Liam in person (since so many changes had to be made due to Covid and all of my battles were handled outside of the courtroom) and I must say he is just as awesome in person! To anyone who is reading this, I want you to know that I highly recommend Liam Duffy to represent you in all your unfortunate family matters. He is an extremely professional, knowledgeable and an all around genuine great guy whom you can trust to be on your side and get results! To Liam, thank you for all of your time, your patience, your support and encouragement, your wise and beneficial advise and favorable results. It has been a pleasure. To Pam and Stephanie, your assistance does not go unrecognized. Thank you ladies!
Divorce is a situation that can become financially and mentally daunting. Lawyers can make the situation more volatile and cause the expense of the process to become more expensive. The plaintiffs and defendants can also cause the expense to increase. If everyone is not working together to move towards a reasonable agreement then it can become years of distress. Michelle is not trying to increase expense and is always trying to watch out for the best interest of everyone. She collaborates with everyone and that is important!!!! She is held in high regard in the Montgomery County Court system and has a tremendous amount of integrity and she deserves that respect. Michelle wants to eliminate/minimize the drama and get the situation resolved as quickly as possible. Her staff is outstanding and have to deal with many difficult issues and they have the experience and education to support Michelle. Her paralegal is one of the best that I have met. They are all terrific people who are a team dedicated to everyone’s well being. I appreciated all they did for me during such a difficult time. They were responsive, supportive, informative, collaborative, and got the job done at each step of the process.

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